winner winner chicken dinner

After a long battle we finally did it with robotbot and hubuh. Our original plan was to have a small beginning battle at Mansion. When we noticed that no one else was jumping there, but 2 squads were going to prison our tactical battle command radioed in that we should loot quickly and ambush the prison squad that survives alive.

We  set off towards prison, I had a vector and a silenced m16. Me and Robotbot  were going straight towards prison and hubuh was flanking left to go above the cliffs. When we were nearing the road before prison I saw 2 people running west over the hills. Robotbot waited a few second to start shooting giving me time to flank behind them under cover of the hills. They were sneaky and tried to escape with a buggy, but robotbots super tactical mastermind shot the tires denying their escape. I managed to sneak behind one and take him out. The last enemy stayed alive long enough for hubuh to flank in to the action.

Our next battle was a continuous last battle. We got robotbot a m24 from an abandoned loot crate so he could do his sniping magic. boom boom all around , red bulls were drunk and pills were popped. In the end all 3 of us were alive with only 1 or 2 res’s needed.