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My first tire changing tires when it was over 20c. Even with all the problems it was a lot more fun than the normal +5c when the snows have melted for the first time. Had to use a sledge hammer to get... Read More

blood & wine

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It’s over. I forgave syanna in the end. Wanted to write a lot more about this but too tired blah blah. Have to go change my tires for the second car.... Read More


Repost @niecewaidhofer think I might have been trying to adjust my boobs here, but it works. 👍 Additionally, @mwtphotog is the shit ❤️ A post shared by matthew taylor (@mwtphotog) on Dec 3, 201... Read More


Goal: more smiley, less frowny ❤💫 Photo: @sarahorbanicphotos Glam: @jey_ventura #sunshinesays #smilemore #laughdaily #breathedeeply #andcoffee A post shared by Meredith Mack (@meredith_mack) on A... Read More


Cheers to a new week! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! 🎄@fitnessgurls #pamelajeannoble #christmas #xmas #thankful #bikini #fitness A post shared by Pamela Jean Noble (@pamelajeannoble) on Dec 26... Read More

pihliksen släbä 6a

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This was probably my first 6a graded slab in bouldering. It was only a few moves after you figured it out, but it was fun to look for those few moves. My fingertips are really sore from all the slidin... Read More